About the Lexicon

The Coders LexiconThe Coders Lexicon, founded in 2012, is a website dedicated to the advancement of computer programming and software development. Its main goal is to provide programmers viable solutions through concise, easy to use and well documented code serving as the lexicon of today’s modern coder.  Programmers are busy people. They don’t want to sift through a mountain of information to find their answer or sit on a web board listening to a dozen people argue the merits of using C++ vs Java. So whether you are an old hat at Java / C++ / .NET, or a new student beginning Computer Science, you are sure to find some solution here that can save the day.

The Mission

The Coders Lexicon has a straight forward mission… to provide the simplest advice, facts and easy to use code snippets for programmers of all skill levels. In addition to that, provide a place where programmers can learn and grow. We will achieve this goal through the use of good naming conventions, simple in code documenting, tutorial style explanations, adequate testing and having a modular focus. Only then can we ensure that we deliver strong and timely solutions to all programmers.

The Founder, Martyr2

Martyr2 is a 22+ year veteran programmer from Vancouver, Canada. He works for a hot software development company which has products in some of the world’s largest telecoms and on millions of desktops and mobile devices; including iOS and Android. He has also worked for a variety of different companies developing software in the education, travel and retail industries.

Over the last 13+ years he has spent his time on Dream.In.Code, a very popular programming forum,  where he achieved the rank of Mentor and founded his blog called the Programming Underground. While helping thousands of programmers over the years, Martyr2 decided that there needed to be a place where good code could gather and be found by those new and old to the industry… a reference library if you will. This resource would then contain things that are quick to find, easy to implement and simple to understand. The Coders Lexicon is this resource.