The Programmers Idea Book – 200 Software Project Ideas and Tips to Developing Them – Ebook


Based on the popular web board thread, created by Tim Hurd (aka Martyr2) and viewed by over 4 million visitors, this new eBook contains hundreds of platform independent programming projects, tips and more. It features:

  • 200 programming project ideas for all skill levels
  • 10 different project categories
  • Over 100 pages of project ideas
  • Expert tips for tackling each programming project
  • Projects for any programming language (platform independent)
  • Programs that you can get started on in minutes!
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This new ebook is chock-full of programming project ideas with each project idea featuring a difficulty level (from 1 – 10), detailed description of the project, expert tips for how to think about tackling the project in a general non-platform specific way and suggestions for making the project more advanced. While many of the project ideas in this ebook may be accomplished easier in one language versus another, great care has been taken in selecting projects that can be coded in several languages.

These program ideas are great for students who are looking for student projects, final projects, projects to learn a new language or intermediate / skilled programmers just brushing up on a specific topic area of their chosen language. These projects are meant to spark ideas and provide the base for building more elaborate and feature-rich applications.

The Coding Survival Guide: Habits and Pitfalls Included FREE

Do you know when to use an abstract class vs an interface? How do you handle complex conditionals? This new free e-guide, included with your purchase, covers 12 good habits you should adopt as a programmer and 12 pitfalls to watch out for as you code. In addition, it provides some small code snippets to help illustrate important points and is formatted to be easy to read. The 20 page guide is a perfect companion to the project ideas list and can be referred to as you code your next blockbuster app.

In these ebooks you get:

  • Language independent project ideas for games, web, multimedia, network applications and more.
  • All ideas have additional feature ideas to take your applications to the next level or practice more complex skills.
  • Expert tips on how you can go about tackling each project idea and where you might start.
  • Each project is rated for difficulty so that you are not caught off guard by the project scope.
  • Many of the ideas also feature links to source material that will help you research the project before you start.
  • PDF formatted for maximum portability across numerous devices including your desktop, laptop, tablet wherever your like to develop!
  • The new e-guide “The Coding Survival Guide: Habits and Pitfalls” absolutely free

So if you are ready to get the juices flowing, or getting a jump start on another programming project without having to search the entire web, then these ebooks are for you!

About The Author

Martyr2 is the founder of the Coders Lexicon and author of the new ebooks "The Programmers Idea Book" and "Diagnosing the Problem" . He has been a programmer for over 25 years. He works for a hot application development company in Vancouver Canada which service some of the biggest tech companies in the world. He has won numerous awards for his mentoring in software development and contributes regularly to several communities around the web. He is an expert in numerous languages including .NET, PHP, C/C++, Java and more.