Reference Links

Need to look up something quick in a chart, table or API? Want to use a quick tool to find information for a project you are working on? Then this is the page for you. Below is a list of links to charts, tables and reference material that can help you get that quick answer you have been looking for.

This section is broken down by reference type and alphabetized.

Charts, Lists and Tables

ASCII Chart – Nice ASCII chart website showing Dec/Hex/Oct, HTML Number, Description.
HTML5 Element Index – HTML5 Doctor’s list of elements with notes on usage.
SQL Server Date Formats – Table of SQL Server date formats and the SQL statements to generate them. – Great site for web developers to know if browsers support a technology and in which versions.

Documentation and Guides – C/C++ reference site that covers the language and shows usage of all the terms.
Java SE 19 Platform Overview – Documentation for the Java SE 19 platform and API specification.
Java Tutorials – Official tutorials for the Java programming language.
JavaScript Reference – Reference site for Mozilla JavaScript and includes functions and definitions.
MSDN Library – Library for Microsoft languages (C#, VB.NET, VC++ etc).
Programmable Web – Thousands of APIs (some free, some are not) and how to access them.
Python 3 Documentation – Official documentation for Python 3.x.
Ruby Core Reference – RDoc documentation pulled directly from source code.
Build desktop apps for Windows PCs – Development resource for developing for Windows (mostly around API)
C# Coding Conventions – Great source of tips for good programming habits
Visual Studio C# MSDN Guides and Reference sheets – Really nice set of reference and tips for C# developers at MSDN


“How Do I?” Videos – Huge list of videos covering ASP.NET, VB.NET, Windows 7 and more.
C# Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners – Channel 9 – Most recent set of development videos from Microsoft’s Channel 9.

Web and Desktop Tools

CSS Type Set – Online tool for playing with CSS type setting (color, font, line height etc). – Must have online tool for building and testing ideas in JavaScript/HTML/CSS.
Replit – Fantastic tool for running programs in a variety of languages. I use it extensively to test small programs and run code. – Similar to JSFiddle, but much more extensive and supports technologies like Sass and JS libraries.
Moqups – HTML 5 app for creating quick GUI mockups, wireframes and layouts.
Visual Studio Code – A robust cross platform editor and IDE that is light weight, very active with updates and is quickly becoming the de facto standard for modern web development. Great for PHP, Typescript, JavaScript, CSS, Python and more.
Sublime Text – Great editor with a lot of configuration capabilities, theming etc.
Pingdom – Tools for web page load testing, tracing and DNS information.
Regex Pal – JavaScript Regular Expression Tester (Great for debugging regular expressions).
W3C Validator – The W3C Markup Validation service to test pages for proper format.
Microjs – A large list of JavaScript frameworks and lightweight scripts for your sites.

Web Sites and Forums

DZone – A site which references blogs and other sites related to Programmers and Designers.
Stack Overflow – Great board for programming questions with a critical and experienced focus.
CSS-Tricks – A great site for learning CSS and HTML tricks to help you learn more.

Free eBooks and Publications

Free Programming Books – A list of about 500 programming books for free download and online viewing.